Festool Australia @ Dream Big Expo

In celebration of Beyond Tools 30th Birthday, Festool Australia will be live at the Dream Big expo being held on Saturday October 15 and Sunday October 16 at the Claremont Showgrounds in Perth.

This is a unique show that has never been held before in Australia. Designed for anyone who is interested in one of a kind high end luxury top of the range “big boys” toys including cars, boats, drones, bikes, fishing, beer brewing and of cause power tools.

The Dream Big Expo will feature special guests Rick and Kelly Dale (as seen on History Channel’s American Restoration and Pawns Stars). In their first trip down under to Australia, Rick and Kelly will be part of the action for this one of a kind event. Rick Dale – Metal artist, antique restoration expert, and owner of Rick’s Restorations. Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, who is one of Dale’s top customers, has praised Dale’s work by calling him “a certified miracle worker”. Metal Artist and Antique Restoration Expert Rick Dale has been restoring various vintage items for almost 30 years including vending machines, gas pumps, barber chairs, motorcycles, and jukeboxes.


Over the two days Festool will have three demonstration areas for you to visit. See live demonstrations of furniture making, building, and automotive based applications. Learn new processes, techniques and find new solutions that will help you achieve top quality results in record time.

At the furniture making demonstration area, live demonstrations and tips and tricks will centre on the Festool Sawing, Routing, Joining, Edging, Sanding and finishing systems.

Building workshops will cover applications from framing, to fitouts, cabinetry work and sink cut outs as well as facades and external cladding including working with tricky materials such as Alucobond and Cement Sheet. If you want to see how you can save time and money by working with the right system, be sure to visit us.

At the automotive area you will discover the Festool 4 step sanding process for surface preparation in record time. Achieve high gloss results in 2 simple steps with the Festool polishing process and also the Festool spot repair process in less than 90 minutes.

All areas will demonstrate the flexibility of the Festool dust free system and have you ready to start your own projects when you leave.

There will also be opportunities to purchase products that you see during the demonstrations so you can take them home and start working faster, easier and better.

We will see you live at the show!

Festool Australia


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October 03 / 2016
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Customer Testimonial Nathan Day

Nathan Day and his team at Nathan Day Design supply Australia with thoughtfully designed furniture made from sustainably harvested timbers. Nathan takes pride in his craftsmanship and has equipped his workshop, located at a winery in the picturesque coastal town of Dunsborough in Western Australia, with several Festool products to improve the quality and efficiency of his team’s work.
Before he started his business in 2010, he did a four year apprenticeship in the south west of Western Australia followed by an overseas scholarship in order to train abroad. After Nathan spent 12 months as a trainee at the Edward Barnsley workshop in the UK, it took him four years to moving out of his parents garage to a larger space while employing a couple of craftsmen. Nathan could see the potential  to sell to a broader market by selling designed products through a couple of key retail outlets instead of galleries and consignment work, business has been building nicely ever since. As a result, offices, libraries, universities, hospitals, architectural firms, interior designer and private clients belong to the company’s main sales territories.
From the very beginning of his career, Nathan was involved with using Festool power tools what he describes as “testament of its quality”. During his internship with the Edward Barnsley workshop he came across the Domino for the first time and bought one as soon as he got back to Australia. This is the same one he is still using today. When starting the business, two ETS 150/3 sanders and a OF1400 router were among the first pieces of equipment Nathan bought and are now his workshop favourites. After being introduced to Festool’s sanders as an apprentice, he came to rely on their “beautiful balance and low vibration”, allowing him to work with minimal fatigue while achieving a superior finish.


Ever since, Nathan has expanded his Festool range with a TS55 track saw, helping him to turn dimensioning timber or breaking down large panels into a “one-man operation”, and a Domino DF500, which enabled him to produce mortises of varying sizes, thereby unlocking “a world of design possibilities”. In addition, Nathan owns several accessories for his tools and a CT MIDI dust extractor, which he is thinking about upgrading as his growing business now requires a higher capacity extractor.
Being used on all tools, his dust extractor has become a central piece of equipment in ensuring perfect results on Nathan’s furniture. “The saw cuts cleaner, the router cuts better, the sander sands finer and we can be more accurate without dust and shavings obscuring our view of the work.” However, a powerful dust extraction is just one of the reasons why Nathan is convinced that Festool power tools “are in another league” compared to other brands.


Above all, they are saving him a lot of time and money. Before buying the TS55, Nathan’s team had to use a circular saw, a router, and a straight edge to dimension table tops and clean the rough cuts. “The track saw cuts this process down from 1hr to 15mins.” Similarly, the Domino is used on almost all furniture pieces, both for key structural joinery and simple location points, and even to pull down solid timber table tops. Sometimes, Nathan’s team even uses the Domino machine upside down for jointing into the ends of short components. “1 tool takes the place of a series of expensive tools and machinery.”
Due to this versatility, together with the tools’ accuracy and thoughtful design, Nathan says that he and his team “thoroughly enjoy owning and using all our Festool products.” Furthermore, he trusts in Festool’s products because of their longevity. Most of the tools have exceeded their warranty period by many years and are still in perfect working order. Consequently, Nathan would recommend anyone working with wood – from furniture makers, over cabinetmakers, woodworkers, and students just learning the trade – to invest in superior power tools and experience “the joys of Festool”.

September 22 / 2016
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What Tradies Want Magazine – Tough Test on the NEW HK 55

Check out this great review on the HK 55 from What Tradies Want Magazine.


September 05 / 2016
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Festool – the professional brand for the timber construction industry

For many decades, Festool has been recognised by the timber construction industry for its quality, its innovative ideas and its keen eye for detailed solutions. Festool is consistently able to provide system solutions for working with timber, particularly for sawing, drilling and screw driving applications, that improve efficiency and working comfort and create a better, cleaner working environment. Its unique SERVICE all-inclusive package provides long-term assurance that customers have made the correct investment decision.

Built on tradition and motivation for the future
“For Festool, tradition and innovation are two sides of the same coin,” explains Barbara Austel, Festool Company Partner. “For more than 90 years, we have proven to our customers in trade that tradition and innovative strength are not mutually exclusive, but instead complement each other perfectly. My grandfather – the founder of the company – focussed on timber construction from the start, as we designed our first carpentry saw in 1930 and then followed it with several stationary woodworking machines. From 1950 onwards, our primary interest has been in hand-held devices. We developed many ideas over the following decades. Around the turn of the millennium, our focus on timber construction was transferred over to our sister brand Protool, but then in 2013/2014 we combined all of our resources and expertise under the Festool brand. Our goal is to continue to work closely alongside the timber construction industry to develop professional solutions for the future,” Ms Austel explains, before continuing, “which is why, in order to concentrate more strongly on this in future, we will be investing in professionals from the carpentry sector for roles in product management, in application technology, in our training department and at the distribution level.”

Keeping our finger on the pulse
The timber construction trade is also constantly developing and modernising. Industrialisation is coming into play in creating roof structures and in timber frame construction, for example. More and more workers are concentrating on the assembly of these structures, as well as on patio decks, carports and pergolas. In addition, sustainability is becoming increasingly important, as seen in thermal insulation and rafter insulation processing, for example. It is likewise becoming important to maintain a healthy work environment in the timber construction industry – this is accomplished using dust extraction. Festool is the only manufacturer in the sector to produce its own mobile dust extractor, and offers a comprehensive range for this purpose. Thanks to its industry and technology expertise in timber construction, Festool is constantly aware of these changes, enabling the company to continuously develop tools to keep pace with them in terms of their durability, robustness, reliability, precision, ergonomics and design. More than 350 patents so far testify to this innovative strength. A recent example of this is the new compound mitre system and the generation of new circular saws it has created.

Tailor-made for timber construction
Festool offers a comprehensive system range of products specifically designed for the timber construction industry. In particular, Festool offers saws that enable powerful and efficient cutting – whether at floor level or at a height of 12 meters – with a range of different saw types such as the new circular saws or plunge-cut saws and jigsaws. The compound mitre or guide rail system ensures impressive performance, efficiency and precision with every cut. This is possible thanks to powerful, reliable motors or high-performance battery packs – packaged in an ergonomic, lightweight and compact design. These features are particularly practical and popular for mobile use. Festool offers power and precision for all drilling and screwdriving situations. For example, the Quadrive series is equipped with a four-speed metal gearbox that can generate up to 60 Nm of torque and 3800 rpm. FastFix adapters enable unbeatable flexibility and the vibration damping of the BHC 18 cordless rotary hammer provides high working comfort.

We take the hassle out of your everyday work so you can focus on what really matters
Festool offers its unique SERVICE all-inclusive package for its power tools. This enables tradespeople to focus on what really matters: Their work. After registering the tool, tradespeople have peace of mind with a 36 month warranty. The package also includes the following services: 30 day money back guarantee, a rapid repair service, 10 year spare parts availability. Visit www.festool.com.au/sai for more information.

New products for timber construction
The HKC 55 compound mitre saw system, the HK 55 and HK 85 circular saws, the SYSLITE DUO working light and the SYSROCK construction site radio, as well as the PowerSelect cordless system, which provides tradespeople with attractive, fair and above all individualised customisation options. Festool stands out in particular due to the combination of 5.2 Ah high-performance battery packs and brushless EC-TEC motor technology, which work together to ensure optimal power delivery, greater efficiency and a longer tool life.

August 09 / 2016
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The Sound of Festool

The new SYSROCK BR 10 construction site radio from Festool

From August 2016, Festool will be extending its “PowerSelect” battery-powered product range with a new construction site radio, which offers impressive, high-quality sound, is compact and lightweight, and has a Bluetooth interface as well as an integrated hands-free function. This means it is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and is ideal as an attractive and unobtrusive companion on the construction site and in the workshop.

With characteristically high quality standards, Festool has also designed its new SYSROCK with the particular needs of tradespeople in mind. The new construction site radio is surprising not only due to the very high quality of sound but also due to its compatibility. The radio’s top-class audio performance can be attributed to the specially designed resonance chamber, which enables a full and voluminous sound. In combination with DSP and DRC (Digital Signal Processor and Dynamic Range Control), the new SYSROCK offers a balanced and perfect sound pattern at any volume. Festool has also equipped the new SYSROCK with a powerful 2.5″ neodymium loudspeaker with a flexible aerial and a sturdy housing with an impact-resistant and non-slip rubber surround. The modern design and LCD display make the new construction site radio intuitive and easy to use. In addition, it can be operated via an interface using Festool 10.8-18 volt Li-ion battery packs or the mains adapter provided. The Bluetooth interface and the integrated AUX-IN socket alike make it very simple for users to connect the SYSROCK to mobile terminals, such as smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. In conjunction with a smartphone and the hands-free function, it can therefore also be used to make telephone calls. Find out more

August 09 / 2016
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Simply better cutting: Festool is expanding its range of saws

New portable circular saws HK 55 and HK 85

The two new portable circular saws, HK 55 and HK 85, demonstrate their versatility in timber construction through their suitability for use with the guide rail and cross cutting guide rail systems. With powerful high-torque motors for maximum sawing power and rapid work progress, the machines have been designed for universal use in the workshop, on the construction site and for assembly.

“With the HKC 55, HK 55 and HK 85 circular saws, Festool is presenting a new, powerful generation of pendulum cover saws – with a flexible cross cutting guide rail system,” explains Product Manager Boris Seyfried, Product Manager at Festool. In keeping with the machine concept of the HKC 55 cordless portable circular saw with the new FSK cross cutting rail, introduced in August 2015, the newest products HK55 and HK 85 also impress with their extensive compatibility: All three portable circular saws can be used with the cross cutting guide rail. The quick-release fastener allows the portable circular saw and cross cutting guide rail to be connected or disconnected (quickly). A particularly practical feature is the stop system with fixed positioning pin and adjustable angle stop for angled cuts of 0° to 60° in both directions. A rubber spring, which is integrated in the cross cutting guide rail, automatically brings the portable circular saws back to the starting position. This allows fast cross cutting with repeat accuracy. In combination with the Festool guide rail, it also provides safe and perfectly straight cutting of panel materials.

HK 55 Universal

The 1200 watt HK 55 model with power electronics was designed as a versatile pendulum cover saw for repetitive cuts with the guide rail and cross cutting guide rail. The range of functions also includes a cutting depth adjustment of 0–55 mm with plunge function and a mitre angle setting of up to 50°. The quick-acting safety brake and guide wedge solution provide maximum safety for the HK 55. As it is integrated in the spring-loaded protective hood, the guide wedge even enables the user to make safe, unhindered plunge cuts. The guide wedge prevents the saw blade from being blocked, particularly when carrying out rip cuts.


HK 85 Powerful

The high-torque 2300 watt motor in the new HK 85 guarantees rapid work progress even when making rip cuts in solid timber. The circular saw’s ability to convert to a groove cutter for groves across the grain and longitudinal grooves adds to its range of applications. With a routing width of 16 to 25 mm and a maximum routing depth of 35 mm, groves across grain and longitudinal grooves for risers or false ceilings (for example) can be made simply and efficiently. The HK 85 offers a cutting depth adjustment of 0-85 mm with plunge function and a mitre angle setting of up to 60°. For more convenience and safety when sawing, the HK 85 – like the HK 55 – is equipped with a remote control pendulum hood. A lever inside the machine causes the pendulum hood to slide back. This provides a clear view of the saw blade and enables easy sawing, even when performing mitre cuts.


Reliability with security

With robust magnesium components and powerful motors, the machines have been designed for daily use in the workshop and on the construction site. The services included in the “Service all-inclusive” package provide additional security; for example, the 36 month warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and a rapid repair service.

Items included as required

The new portable circular saws are available with various items included, depending on requirements. This means that the HK 55 portable circular saw is available with a Systainer and can be combined either with the matching 1400mm guide rail or with the 420mm cross cutting guide rail. The HK 85 model is supplied with parallel stop in a Systainer as standard, and can also be supplemented with a matching 1400mm guide rail or 420mm cross cutting guide rail. “Festool’s range of saws combines decades of expertise with unique durability, precision and efficiency. Our new pendulum cover saws meet these demands in every respect,” stresses Boris Seyfried, Product Manager at Festool.

  • Find out more about the HK 55
  • Find out more about the HK 85
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Hand sanding is made easy with Granat

New Granat hand sanding abrasives from Festool

Festool will be adding manual abrasives in the Granat to its range of abrasive products from August 2016. These boast a long service life and can be used in variety of different ways, delivering superb results every time. Festool offers manual abrasives for every application. This makes them ideal for use in conjunction with sanding machines on surfaces that are difficult to reach, on unusual profiles and in any spot that is impossible to access with a sander.

Granat has earned its title of Festool’s premium abrasive due to its ability to tackle any standard sanding procedure, from coarse and fine sanding through to finishing and spot repairs. Granat was designed with a high material removal capacity, a long service life and flawless surface quality in mind. August 2016 will see Festool launch Granat in a manual hand sanding abrasive too – enabling users to carry out correction work to a high standard even in hard-to-reach areas that cannot be worked on using a machine.


Long service life and a multitude of possible uses
Granat can be used on any kind of paint, filler or clear-coat varnish. It is particularly suited to the tough undercoats used in advanced painting and coating systems. The synthetic resin bond keeps the grit securely bonded to the backing paper even during heavy use. The abrasive is coated with premium-quality fused aluminium oxide grit – this guarantees a long service life and a high material removal capacity, a factor which allows even manual sanding work to progress quickly. The solid bond on the grit also stops it from breaking off, preventing the surface from being scratched or from score marks being left behind. The Granat sanding sponge is extremely supple and can easily adapt to the shapes of workpieces thanks to its flexible foam backing that is extra soft and distributes pressure evenly. The material is wrinkle- and crease-resistant, which protects the surface of the workpiece. The manual abrasives in Festool’s range come in a variety of different designs and grits, including sandpaper, sanding blocks and sanding sponges. The sanding block is coated on four sides, which enables users to sand multiple surfaces simultaneously, while the combi sanding block is perfect for curved surfaces such as silicone joints and concave profiles thanks to having one side at a 45° angle and the opposite side rounded off. The sanding pad is a new development and boasts an impressive ability to produce consistently uniform sanding results. The new sanding cloth is made from a flexible fabric that adapts to contours extremely well, making it ideal for sanding special shapes, rounded edges and beading. So you see, Festool really does offer manual abrasives for every application.

August 09 / 2016
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Wood joining – Simple, quick, stable and detachable

With the new DOMINO corner and flat connectors from Festool

With the development of the DOMINO system, Festool has combined all of the benefits of conventional wooden joins in a single system. The DOMINO system has proven its value in carpentry and joinery applications, and Festool, the German manufacturer, has been constantly developing it as a result. From August 2016, new, detachable corner and flat connectors will be available for the DOMINO XL joining machine. These connectors provide maximum precision, flexibility and stability for frame, rack and surface joins.

Not flat – not round – just DOMINO
The Festool DOMINO wood joining system provides carpenters and joiners with the ability to create stable wooden joins with handheld power tools – with ease, speed and precision. The DOMINO system combines all the advantages of existing systems into one: The undisputed stability of mortise and tenon joins together with the flexibility of biscuit dowels used in furniture manufacture and the precision of round dowels used in frame and rack assembly. The key to the DOMINO wood joining system is the patented pendulum routing principle. Here, the jointer moves the cutter in a simultaneous rotary and pendulum motion to manufacture an elongated hole perfect for inserting the specially shaped DOMINO. Different cutting widths enable the user to join and glue the dowels with ease. The routed holes can be created to either fit exactly or be slightly wider in order to provide play. The special cross section and large gluing area of the DOMINO dowels perfectly combine all of the benefits of round and biscuit dowels to create an extremely solid, twist-proof wooden joint. Only a single dowel is needed to provide stability and prevent the joint from twisting.


Speed, stability and flexibility with the new connectors for Domino XL
Festool’s new DOMINO corner and flat connectors represent an interesting development of its DOMINO system. These connectors enable ideal wooden joins for frames, racks or boards to be produced quickly and easily while ensuring that they are stable and detachable. These new connectors can be processed in exactly the same way as the DOMINO dowels – with no time wasted on measurements or complicated markings – using only the stop system. All that needs to be done is to route an additional hole. The combination of dowel and tensioning element provides a powerful connection that can be flexibly detached if required. Festool is now offering its new corner connectors for frame and rack joins and flat connectors for board joins at material thicknesses of 30 millimetres and above. These can be produced using the DOMINO XL DF 700 joining machine – without using any templates or other devices.


DOMINO XL is transported to the workpiece, not the other way round

While previously, creating stable wooden connections was solely the domain of stationary machines such as slot drilling machines or dowel drilling machines, the DOMINO XL demonstrates that this is also possible using handheld power tools with its ability to process corner and flat connectors. Workpieces no longer have to be transported to the stationary machine and clamped in position for processing, because the DOMINO XL can process the workpiece in situ. Significantly shorter set-up times and a much quicker overall machining process provide time savings of up to 50% compared to other manufacturing methods currently employed in trade work.

DOMINO as part of a system
Festool offers a wide range of accessories to go with the DOMINO system, such as a variety of stops. All parts of the system are compatible, and it increases the range of applications and the processing reliability – for any workpieces, thin or thick. All of the benefits of the “Service all-inclusive” service package also apply to the DOMINO system.

Find out more about the Domino XL Joining System

August 09 / 2016
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CLEANTEC connecting system for a dust-free, healthy working environment

New CLEANTEC reducing sleeve from Festool

Festool is demonstrating its system expertise in the industry with the new generation of the CLEANTEC connecting system. The crucial feature of this new connecting system is the sleeve that can be firmly fixed in place, securely connecting the hose on the mobile dust extractor to the power tool. This reliably and smoothly achieves a dust-free, healthy working environment. The new reducing sleeve is fully compatible with the existing extraction system from Festool.
“Festool is the only power tool manufacturer in the world with an extraction system that is perfectly adapted to the system tools. As part of our “Dust-free initiative”, we are focusing on providing companies and users with healthy workplaces for sanding, routing and sawing in compliance with the law. By further developing the sleeve, which is essentially the central system connecting element, we are taking another step towards providing optimum support for workflows and quality of work,” explains Andreas Buck, Product Manager at Festool.


Bayonet fitting and better holding power  
The new reducing sleeve with bayonet fitting reliably prevents the extractor hose from accidentally becoming detached from the power tool, with up to 2.5 times more holding power. This fitting quickly and securely connects the reducing sleeve on the suction hose to the extractor connector on the power tool. To do this, the sleeve is placed onto the power tool and then turned to lock it firmly in place. The suction hose therefore remains securely connected to the tool. This also means that dirt accidentally entering the tool, and the associated cleaning work, is now a thing of the past.
The dust extraction system protects the health of the user and improves the operational readiness of the tools. Since dust in the air also causes damage to the bearings and motor windings in the tools over the long term, efficient dust extraction also extends their service life. Another benefit is that a clean working environment dramatically improves the appearance of the workshop, increases customer satisfaction and leads to recommendations.

Compact design
In accordance with the lock and key principle, Festool has also adapted the receiving pieces on the power tools in addition to the sleeve. The visual markings enable users to fit the new sleeve quickly and easily. At the same time, the integrated rotating adapter prevents the hose from twisting.


Compatible with existing tools
The new reducing sleeve can be easily combined with existing Festool tools featuring the current sleeve reception points. “Festool customers should be able to depend on their tools being usable even into the future. We are, of course, keeping this promise with the introduction of the new CLEANTEC connecting system,” emphasises Festool Product Manager Andreas Buck.

Festool mobile dust extractor: Quality, safety and health protection
The range of systems for Festool mobile dust extractors and special extractors features tools for every requirement. These range from compact, lightweight tools for mobile use, all-rounders for construction sites or workshops, extractors with automatic filter cleaning for large quantities of dust, special extractors for pathogenic dust with a 99.95% degree of filtration, tools for continuous industrial use and mobile dust extractors for flammable and explosive dust. Customers who wish to retrofit the sleeve to their existing extraction system can order the new version directly from the Festool range of accessories. From August 2016, the new reducing sleeve will initially be available for the D27 suction hose.

August 09 / 2016
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Adelaide Tools – Festool Premium Shop

About us
Founded in 1949, Adelaide Tools is a family-owned company that has been specialising in the sales & service of power tools for more than 60 years.

Over the years Adelaide Tools has expanded its product range to meet the needs of tradesmen, commercial users and DIY enthusiasts. By becoming a Festool Premium Shop at their Mile End store they have been able to accommodate these markets by providing a range of system solution tools and accessories for all their customers.

The Adelaide Tools motto is “We Sell Tools, Not Toys!” which means you will find respected quality brands with excellent service.

The business prides itself on the team of experienced staff it has built up over the years. Striving to develop relationships with all customers, the Adelaide Tools staff are approachable and trained to provide professional advice to trade and DIY users.

Their philosophy has always been “We service what we sell”, so their service department is also staffed by trained technicians of Power Tools.

Adelaide Tools Mile End is a fully authorised service centre for many brands including Festool. Their extensive range of Festool products is the largest in Adelaide which provides you with all your tool, accessory and consumable needs for professionals and DIY customers striving for quality, reliable results every time.

Drop into see the Festool Premium shop, try out the tools on the test centre and ask the team for their expert advice on your finding the right solution for your applications.



Contact Details:  
Phone : (08) 8116 0700
Fax :     (08) 8443 3379

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 4.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

183 Railway Terrace
Mile end South SA 5013

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