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VRD Detailed Joinery – The Joiners Journey

VRD Detailed Joinery is a family run business that specialises in high end quality furniture making and one off pieces. Together with the support of their Festool tools they strive to be the best they can possibly be by providing their customers with exceptional craftsmanship. Watch their journey in the video below:

Chris Marsden: The exceptional dust collection of the Kapex miter saw

Chris Marsden is the owner of Marsden Building & Remodeling, a company that primarily does remodeling jobs in Minnesota. Chris bought the Kapex after a long deliberation because the price was a hard pill to swallow. Faced with multiple jobs that required working in a confined space and requiring a clean environment, he purchased the […]

Qualitom: Builders striving to inspire quality

Carpenter by trade, Greg Thompson together with his wife who specialises in Cabinet Making, are the Directors of Qualitom. Their vision is to inspire and excite their customers by delivering perfect, quality workmanship. Watch how Festool helps them achieve their vision.

Customer Focus: Gareth Doran

Gareth Doran is the director of manufacturing at Blackdown Shepherd Huts Australia. The company focuses on building individually handcrafted shepherd huts which are suitable for home offices, spare rooms, holiday accommodations, saunas or small living rooms. The company which is nestled in the Victorian Yarra Ranges is proud of the time involved in creating each […]