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Collision Repairs Expo – Four steps sanding process demo

Check out this video demonstration of Festool Four steps sanding process record by Paint & Panel at the Collision Repair Expo:

June 15 / 2015

Achieve the perfect surface in record time

Festool is optimising and expanding its range of GRANAT abrasives. This will help further reduce abrasive consumption and increase the profitability of the bodyshop. Granat is the premium abrasive from Festool which is used in all standard work processes for sanding. From coarse to fine sanding to finishing and spot repairs. Granat represents high material […]

Domino Accessories review by Mike Cantrell

Mike goes over some of his favorite Domino joiner accessories and how he uses them with his mortise and tenon joinery projects. The Trim and Cross Stops are included with the Set versions of the Domino DF 500 and Domino XL DF 700 Joiners, or can be purchased separately. Check out this video review of […]

May 16 / 2014
Author Festool Australia
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Plunge saw precision with Mike Cantrell

Mike Cantrell of Cantrell Construction shares his experiences with the Festool TS Plunge Saw in this video. “We can get it done faster, we can get it done better because we’re well equipped. My 4.9 m trailer is outfitted with everything I need for any job. The plunge saw is a big game changer. You […]

April 23 / 2014

Do I need dust extraction and why should I dry sand ?

The hard truth according to Paul Maclean, Business Development Manager at Festool Automotive Systems is yes to both questions! In this article he covers what he sees as a simple four step process for the best working practice and efficiency in the shop. We so often see features and articles on dry sanding and dust […]

Jory Brigham Designs and the new Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw

Check out this great user video: Jory Brigham Designs is a small group of artists, designers and builders based in California that create timeless pieces of furniture. Join Jory as he talks about his experiences with the Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw and how the various components of the Carvex Accessory Kit aid him in his […]

December 05 / 2013
Author Festool Australia
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TS 55R Plunge Cut Saw Setup Video

The TS 55 Plunge Cut Saw is the most universal panel saw on the market. It can be set up on site in less than a minute and be cutting sheets of any size with ease. Join Rick Christopherson as he discusses all of the basics needed to get up to speed quickly with the […]

April 27 / 2013
Author Festool Australia
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