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Core77 Visits Festool, Part 7: Ten Modern-Day Innovations

In Part 2 we looked at Festool’s early days of inventing, from 1925 until the 1980s, which doesn’t span their full 90 years of existence. Since the 1990s, not only have they not slowed down, but the innovation appears to be getting more diverse. It’s impossible for us to cover all of it, but we’ll […]

September 14 / 2015
Author Festool Australia
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Core77 Visits Festool, Part 6: Behind the Scenes with Their Testing & Quality Control

In the design process post we saw what goes into the development of a new Festool power tool, over at the company HQ in Wendlingen. But once the designers and engineers have the tool off of their desks and it’s ready for prime time, another set of teams over at Festool’s facility in Neidlingen have […]

September 07 / 2015
Author Festool Australia
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Core 77 Visits Festool: Part 3 – The thinking that drives the company

When a company has the right type of ethos, their designs will stand out. We see this in companies like Apple, Dyson, Festool. Enter a caption (optional) In the power tool world, Festool’s products are different from others’ because the company’s very thinking is different from others’. All companies that produce and sell their own […]

August 17 / 2015
Author Festool Australia
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Core 77 Visits Festool Germany – Part 1: Introduction

This year, power tool manufacturer Festool celebrates their 90th anniversary. In this series we’ll walk you through what we observed on our visit to Festool’s headquarters and facilities in Germany during their recent weeklong media event. The company produces an impressive range of power tools renowned for a focus on clever design and engineering, and […]

August 03 / 2015
Author Festool Australia
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BHC 18 Review: The Germans nailed this one on the head!

Check out this review of Festool BHC 18 Cordless Hammer Drill by Matt Page from Building Contractor magazine. Festool – you know as soon as you receive a tool from these guys it is going to be something pretty special. They are known for high quality German designed, innovative and more importantly high-end finishes and […]

Achieve the perfect surface in record time

Festool is optimising and expanding its range of GRANAT abrasives. This will help further reduce abrasive consumption and increase the profitability of the bodyshop. Granat is the premium abrasive from Festool which is used in all standard work processes for sanding. From coarse to fine sanding to finishing and spot repairs. Granat represents high material […]

Drywall Rock Stars with the Festool PLANEX Sander

The guys at Precision Taping are at the top of their trade when it comes to drywall and vinyl trim installation. Just check out some of their YouTube videos and you’ll quickly see that you need to brush up on your drywall skills. They achieve exceptional finishes by using smart, efficient, time saving tools like […]

NEW EHL 65 Planer: Ergonomic. Quick. Precise.

Weighing only 2.4 kg with a compact design, it was already the lowest and most lightweight one handed planer in its class but also the most powerful. The adjustable 4 mm planing depth and rebate depth of 23 mm utilises the spiral blade design to produce an outstanding surface finish. However we have further optimised, […]

November 15 / 2013
Author Festool Australia
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Competitor Abrasive Disc VS Festool Granat Abrasive Disc

Festool’s Granat Abrasive Discs are a premium abrasive composed of hardened Aluminium Oxide and Ceramic Grit for scratch resistant coatings and high VOC coatings.This hybrid approach causes Granat to retain it’s cutting edge much longer than any other abrasive. Check out the video showing the time and money saved using a Granat abrasive disc compared […]

October 16 / 2013
Author Festool Australia
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C 15 Cordless Drill In-Depth Review: Bloody marvellous

Check out this in-depth review of Festool C 15 Cordless Drill from the Canadian Woodworking website: What sets the C15 (in fact all Festool drills) apart from other drills on the market (at least for now), is the EC-TEC (Electronically Commutated – Technology) brushless motor and controller. For a thorough explanation of this technology, I […]

October 07 / 2013